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Public Safety April 10, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Package Thief in Petworth

This woman took two of my packages from my front porch this afternoon around 12:15pm.  She put them in her Giant bag, which looked like it had other stuff in it (maybe other packages).  Beware.  She must have seen the camera, too, but paid it no mind.

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i hope you filed a police report!

Not bad picture – what type of cameras do you use?

You’d be surprised how many people will overlook an obviously placed camera. And signs that say “here’s a camera recording you”.

Yup, filed a police report before I posted this.
That camera is an ADC-V520.  The picture’s kind of weird looking because of the window screen.  I have it on the normal setting (as opposed to Low or High).  I had just set up the motion-activated record last night, luckily.

Can you buy bank robbery ink packets? I think someone needs to set up a sting operation!

I like your style. 

Well, that got me thinking.
I don’t think you can buy the ink packets as a private citizen, and apparently they can cause bodily harm since they explode…don’t want to be sued by some scumbag after they steal from me.  They’re also radio controlled/tripped, so it’s a bit of a set up.
They make pepper spray traps/trips, but since pepper spray is illegal in DC without a permit, that’s a no go.
Most theif powders are florescent, HOWEVER, some are visibile: is a powder, is a liquid.  One option would be to dust the object, like it suggests.  Another would be to fill the inside of the bag/package with some of it, so it gets EVERYWHERE when they open it.


If she’s dumb enough to steal with a camera in place, she’s probably dumb enough to try it again.  I’d totally set another package out there and go for the sting!

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