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Life and Society October 31, 2013 at 10:39 pm

Package thief caught & convicted

Last April, I had a package stolen off my front porch and posted to the forum ( It was caught on camera by my security system (though I was also home at the time), showing the mailman dropping off my packages, and her taking them off my porch. I saw it an hour later, called the police, and filed a complaint. I got a call a few weeks after it happened from the police, saying that an officer had recognized the woman from the neighborhood, and so they would file charges when they did end up getting her. Charges were filed on August 14, and the woman pleaded guilty to theft (2nd degree) on October 9th. Sentencing is scheduled for January.

I know this is a pretty dry post, but I just thought I’d let everyone know that there’s one less package thief out there, and that they do get prosecuted.

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Wow..I just logged on to write about this as well. Same exact thing happened to me this week..except it was a guy. I will post pictures later.

It sucks when it happens and it made me feel so angry and violated. Glad you got photos, hopefully they help find and get the person. My experience with the police (4D) and AUSA were very good, never had any issues, they loved that I had the video. I didn’t have to testify or anything like that, never had to go into the police station or to court.

I actually saw her one day in the summer before she was charged and spoke with her…not about her being a thief, just about things in general. Clearly, the woman had issues. I didn’t call the cops to come get her, I figured that it was likely that she would get hers in time. And she did.

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