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Package Theft on Park Rd. in Columbia Heights

Dear PoPville,

I always find it helpful to read about neighborhood issues regarding package theft to ensure I’m diligent in watching out for my fellow neighbors. I live in an apartment complex on Park Road in Columbia Heights that was the victim of package theft on March 4th. There’s an interesting twist to this story… We found out about the theft because a neighbor in the building found several opened packages in the stairwell. Included was an item sent to my household that was missing one, but not all of the items in the shipment. Apartment management reviewed the security footage for the area around the entrance and mail area where the UPS delivery person often leaves packages and found that the UPS delivery person opened the door (they have access to our building) for the persons responsible for the theft. As soon as the UPS delivery person left, the thief and an accomplice went through the packages and walked out with the items they wanted. Even worse, a member of my household was home. As others on the forum have said, UPS often forgoes a knock on the door, etc. when they drop off a package. Lesson learned, ship all packages to work.

We filed a claim with the DC Police though we haven’t been contacted regarding the video or pictures. We’ve also attempted to inform UPS but have had little luck getting someone to help us, so I plan on sending a letter to their HQ. We just want to make sure the UPS driver doesn’t let people into our building in the future.

I’ve included a picture of the thief that the property management was able to pull from the video.

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Thanks for sharing the info and particularly picture. I’d pursue with the police – sure it’s not a bigtime sexy crime, or a cakewalk revenue generator, but a picture is worth a thousand fingerprints.

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