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Food and Dining July 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Oy Vey – Kosher Deli/Bagels desired.

Okay, I’ll bite. My boyfriend (who is from Long Island) is always going on and on about how there are no good bagels in the district – and since Morty’s closed down it looks like there aren’t any kosher delis. I’ve heard there are some good Kosher Deli’s/bagels in MD – Does anyone have any favorites in the area? As a public transit bound individual, metro/bus accessible is preferred. I’m interested regardless though

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So’s Your Mom deli on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan makes my favorite bagels in the city and it’s the closest thing I’ve found to a NY deli in DC.  I heard Bethesda Bagels on Conn Ave in Dupont also has decent bagels but I’ve never been there.  There’s also a Kosher deli coming to Conn Ave soon-ish:

Awesome. I’ll have to check all of those out and cross my fingers for the deli. Thanks for the response!!


Kosher or kosher style?
Kosher, you are going to the burbs. Max’s is walkable from the Wheaton metro station, and I like it.
Kosher style, head up to Wagshal’s in AU Park.

I am a bagel lover. In my opinion, Brooklyn Bagels in Arlington (Court House metro stop) are decent, also Bagels and Bagettes on Mass Ave between union station and stanton park are servicable. None will match a NY bagel. The water here just isn’t great.

Thanks everyone for the great feedback. Yes, I’ve heard many the long time tale about the NY water and was annoyed for a long time until I lived in Astoria (Queens) and actually had the most amazing bagels – it was on Ditmar’s blvd somewhere between 35th and 38th. Suffice to say, I didn’t know what I was missing – and am sort of mad I do now. I’ll definitely check out AdMo and Court House when I’m around there. Serviceable doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement so I’ll pass on that one though 🙂 Thanks again!

+1 for Wagshal’s if kosher-style is ok.  Quality is great.  There used to be a deli on Wisconsin north of Tenley but I think it’s gone.

K Street Bagels on K just west of 20th won’t blow you away but is much better than the average DC bagel.  It’s one of the former Whatsa Bagels, and I don’t think the new owners changed much.

Parkway Deli  (8317 Grubb Road Silver Spring, MD 20910) has the best matzoh ball soup and NY Deli food around. It is not really walkable to a metro, but it’s worth the walk.  

Georgetown Bagels on River Road near Friendship Heights/Bethesda has consistently delicious bagels and good service. I’ve also heard great things about Bethesda Bagels. There is a place called something like New York Bagels run by strict Jews (it’s closed on Saturday) on Georgia Ave before the Beltway, just after the 16th Street merge. Their bagels are not very good.

These are great! Thank you everyone!! I will make a plan to hit some of these places in the next few weeks and report back.
Morty’s was the place north of Tenleytown that closed down awhile back – very sad indeed.

I grew up mostly in Bethesda, so Bethesda Bagels is kind of my standard.
Also, the Pretzel Bakery at 340 15th St SE makes pretzels that are exceptionally similar to bagels.

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