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Public Safety August 11, 2016 at 10:18 am

Outgoing mail theft


This morning, we caught on video a man stealing outgoing mail out of our mailbox in Brightwood/Takoma DC. The guy was dressed in business casual attire, with some sort of access keycard hanging from his hip – didn’t look sketchy at all. The letters were medical bills that had been sent to our home’s former resident and were marked “return to sender,” and were partially hanging out of our box for the mail carrier to pick up on her run this afternoon. Several months ago, we had paid a bill by check and left it for the mail carrier in the same way, and the check was stolen and fraudulently endorsed and cashed. At the time, we didn’t know at when the check was stolen (i.e., out of our mailbox or at some other point after it was picked up by the mail carrier). We are filing a report with the DCPD, but wanted to warn Popville residents to never put cash, checks or anything else important in their outgoing mail.

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