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Governement and Politics April 15, 2013 at 2:49 pm

Outdoor Fireplace

Are outdoor fireplaces legal in DC?  How about firepits?  And, can anyone cite DCRA regulations on either?  Thanks so much.

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My buddy lives in a townhouse near the Convention Center that has a firepit in the backyard. No idea if it’s legal, but it’s really awesome!

I used to have a cheap one purchased at Home Depot that I burned wood in my back yard in Petworth all the time and never had any issues…

I use a firepit in the back of a condo, in Cap Hill, and nobody has said shit to me. Then again, I didn’t stop to ask. I think as long as it’s not on a balcony, as in a grill on an apartment balcony, you are fine. Just be responsible.

If you have the space, something like the chimney you show should work. I am a landscape architect in DC and recently went to DCRA to ask about just this issue. There are restrictions, such as chimney height, setbacks from the property line. Send me an email through my website (www.mollyscottexteriors.com) and I can go over my notes with you if you like.

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