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General Discussion August 3, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Osprey Aircraft?

Did anyone else see an unusual aircraft, an Osprey, flying pretty low over Mt. Pleasant and heading toward Columbia Heights around 5:20 this afternoon?

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Yes!  Saw it over Petworth about that same time.  Crazy wierd looking!

I saw it too.  There have been several odd aircraft over DC this past week for military funerals at Arlington Cemetary.  Saw a stealth bomber a few days ago over Rosslyn which I believe was scheduled for an Air Force Officer’s funeral.

I saw it land at the Pentagon while driving down 110 on my way back to DC. It was a cool site to see as my dad was quite involved in the original proof of concept for the Osprey (the XV-15). No idea why Mt. Pleasant was in the fligh path.

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