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Home and Garden February 17, 2013 at 8:47 pm

OLD windows

Does anyone know where I can find OLD orignial windows for a 30s rowhouse? With everyone going with vinyl replacements I’m wondering if there is a salvage place (other than Community Forklift) that may have a some of the old windows in good shape.

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The staff at the Brass Knob store in Adams Morgan might be able to give you some suggestions – since the Brass Knob Warehouse closed, where are old windows, doors, etc being donated?
You might also Try ReStore (run by Habitat for Humanity) in Baltimore.


You have other options for wood windows BESIDES original windows that will give you a similar look.  We used Andersen Woodwright 400 series (wood interior with cladded exterior) and are very happy with them.  They are not cheap, but you will easily make up the extra materials cost with labor savings (installing salvaged material is not easy/cheap).

I’d try Community Forklift

Unless you are also investing in permanent storms to go outside your windows, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like paying 3 times as much to heat and cool your place.

You can get very nice “historic” looking modern low e, high R value windows. Anecdotal example…

House one block down has been spending 300-350 / month previous 6 summers on their electric bill keeping the place cool. They replaced all 20 of their 40’s vintage era windows with some low e double panned windows 2 years ago. Their highest summer electric bill since was $170.

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