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Lifestyle and Entertainment July 15, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Old pianos in DC places

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I’m a piano player who plays old standards and ragtime tunes. I’m looking for places around DC that might have pianos and wouldn’t mind (maybe would even pay a little for) some background piano music. You’d think with all the cool bars popping up around DC one would opt for the classic sound of an old upright piano hammering away some Ellington or Fats Waller. (Also, if you are a new hip bar, ever thought of getting a piano?) Thanks in advance for the tips!

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Hi Dan,

Although I don’t know of any piano bars that you could play at, I do know of an apartment building that has a piano in the lobby. I work at the Roosevelt Apartments on 16th and V Streets, N.W. It has a beautiful grand piano in the outer lobby. It’s also a “CD player piano” but they allow residents and “friends” to play it. If you’re interested in keeping up your skills, just playing for the residents, or if you’re interested in having a piano party for the residents, contact Thomas Ball at 202-265-4540. I think he may still be on vacation, if he is speak to Chris. Whatever you do, don’t speak with Freddy (he’s an absolute asshole). I think it would rather cool to have real music for a change.

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