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Governement and Politics March 22, 2013 at 8:27 am

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Could someone please explain to me why the DC Tax Board is requiring that I provide written verification of my SS# again for the second year in a row before issuing me my tax refund?   They indicate my Social Security card is not sufficient.   I did this last year.  What’s up with this?  The Social Security folks indicated they had no clue why they were making tons of folks jump through this hoop. 

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I find this really strange. I saw a friend on Facebook, who even works for DC Gov so they should have her SS#, mention this as well.
For what it is worth, I already recieved my DC refund and was never asked for my SS#. I hope you find some info on this.

Long time reader of PoPVille here… but just create my account to respond to this forum post. I had this happen to me last year. I was told by the tax office that they were randomly asking people for written verification of their SS# due to a lot of tax fraud in DC. I see this request as ridiculous and overly burdensome so I contacted my city councilmember (Tommy Wells) about it, actually via Twitter. I was able to work with their office to get the request waived and my tax refund processed. They were very helpful! I highly suggest that you reach out and get the city to start pushing back on the tax office as there is no reason for this.


I’ve never experienced nor heard of this problem, but thanks for raising it–I work in a volunteer income tax preparation program, so this is good to know in case any of our clients run into this issue.  It does sound very strange and illogical, though. (Taxpayers in my program need to bring in their Social Security card so that we can verify their identity and SSN, but that’s it.)  What does OTR consider to be “written verification?” A letter from SSA? It seems that could be forged just as easily as a Social Security card could (or even more easily).  And can’t OTR just cross-check the actual numbers on record with either the IRS or SSA?  

Can the OP talk more about how you got the written confirmation from SSA? I’m all for pushing back, I just want to know what the process is.  Thanks!

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