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Books and Literature December 6, 2012 at 11:24 am

Non-Fiction/Journalism Writing Groups in DC

I work as a freelance journalist and sometimes writing at home gets lonely! I would love to find a writing group in DC, ideally made up of professional non-fiction writers/journalists, to join and get feedback on my work. If one doesn’t exist, I’d interested in starting one if there’s interest.


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I’m interested depending on the meeting schedule. I work as a technical writer and need a more creative outlet.

The Society of Professional Journalists has a monthly lunch that’s open to non-members. We’re a friendly, approachable and informal group. Before I became a dues-paying SPJ member, I started going to the lunches and continue to go regularly. There’s professional support and camaraderie. The lunches are unstructured and casual — no call to order, no formal agenda, no officers. No one cares if you pay dues to SPJ or not. At one point during lunch, the organizers shush everyone so we can go around the table for quick self-introductions, at which time people can ask for feedback on any writing issues they may be struggling with. The lunches are the second or third Tuesday at noon at the National Press Club. Food is affordable. Most of us get the salad bar and it comes out to $11 including tip. A hot food buffet is like $1 more. So, the monthly lunches help a lot with the freelance isolation. We have an informal email list and pose questions to the group between lunches. I imagine you could find a work feedback buddy.

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