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Life and Society March 11, 2013 at 3:19 pm

NoMa vs. Mt Vernon or Older neighbourhoods???

I know this might be a repeat question but I would really appreciate an opinion as I have never lived in the US before. I am moving to DC for the first time. Only visited the district for some sporadic weeks over some years and had always stayed in George Town or Dupont circle. Actually never been out of the NW. I am looking to rent a one bedroom apartment in one of the newer high rise complexes. New and modern finishing attracts me more than classic/historic looking buildings. I have looked through the apartment options and the ones that caught my eye are a few in NoMa and Mt. Vernon. Flats 130 in particular caught my eye with its beautiful and value for money apartments. Other Mt. Vernon buildings are still attractive. I am however worried about safety really being not used to being mugging or theft or assualt really. I am Egyptian, I lived in Cairo my entire life but it has always been very safe. 
I have seen a lot of debate on proximity to H street and the quality of night life in NoMa but really my prime concern is safety. I just want to be able to walk home at 10 pm without feeling I can be assaulted. Having a grocery store in the building is surely amazing but I still don’t to be an isolated island. I wonder whether Mt. Vernon is any better in that respect and whether the Verizon center is a good alternative to having HT downstairs. 
To someone who comes from bustling Cairo, NW DC had always been incredibly dead on Weekends but i was still a walking distance from Georgetown (when i stayed in Dupont). I just don’t want to make the mistake of being locked in a deadzone in the weekends and having to commute by metro for 40 min plus to go somewhere just for a stroll. Again, would Mt. Vernon be a better alternative and not so dead on weekends. 
Finally, can anyone recommend any neighbourhoods or complexes that offer the quality and the finishing of these new buildings in NoMa at an affordable price ( speaking of $2400 for a 1 bedroom apt). I just wish there was something like Flats 130 somewhere safer.
Thanks…i would really appreciate it

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Welcome to DC. I’m not a big fan of NoMa and it can be dead at night. So can MVT but it’s closer to the action. Might recommendation would be to look into some of the new buildings coming on line around U St like Capitol View.

Considering there was a drive-by shooting 2 nights ago, with 13 people shot just 2 blocks from Flats 130, your concern about safety in that area is valid.  Yeah, the buildings are nice, but the area is still sketchy, and likely will be for a few more years.
For being very Metro accessible and having a lively nightlife, I second the suggestion to check out the U Street area, particularly the newer buildings going up along 14th St north of U (to Florida).  There are some new mixed-use buildings there and a lot of promising new restaurants, plus you’re also within walking distance of both Adams Morgan and Dupont.

you’ve lived in Cairo your whole life (I lived there for a year, downtown) and now you want to come here and spend 2500 dollars a month in rent. Please stay in Cairo.

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