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Neighborhood News September 8, 2014 at 1:43 am

Noise from El Sauce – Shaw/Logan


I am writing this post after having woken up twice by shouting from the crowd in front of El Sauce restaurant. Anyone know what the deal is with this place? I know there was a murder there a few years ago, but it seems strange to have a restaurant with tinted windows that consistently has people yelling in front of it, even on Tuesdays at like 2 am. On the weekends it is an absolute nightmare in terms of noise. Any suggestions on what to do would be helpful!

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There are two questions to consider: does the restaurant contribute to this noise or is it merely patrons outside which restaurant people cannot control. First learn who is there:
1. go to DCRA and find out what type of certificate of Occupancy does the restaurant have…carry out or restaurant; 2. is seating allowed? if so, at counters or tables?
3. what are the hours of operation
The restaurant may be operating outside their scope of C of O which in part may be generating this disturbance. Then that would be easy to curtail.

If all is legal, ask the restaurant if they would help I keeping their patrons down to a low roar. If they refuse to help BUT have a liquor license, then have your local ANC member protest the license renewal when that period comes.

If they are operating illegally (you should stop in a take a good look), advise on what you see and I’ll guide you further or call me on 202-439-3100; retired city inspector

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