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Home and Garden March 2, 2016 at 12:50 pm

New to Gardening


Hi Popville Community,

I’m a new but enthusiastic gardener and am interested in seeking the advice of some master gardeners (official or otherwise) out there. I’m fortunate enough to have yard space to grow a garden but it has fun challenges with it being north facing, having 3 resident dogs, and various other shading issues. I’d be interesting in soliciting advice regarding garden planning for the next year (placement and which plants to choose). I had some success with a garden last year but am looking to improve and be more strategic this next year. Any suggestions of where I can find help? Thanks!

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DPR has great, FREE Urban Gardening classes. I am currently in the 7-week Urban Gardener Certification course and I have learned so much! I think most of their classes are during the summer but they have certain series all year around. You can find them here:

Thank you for sharing the information.

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