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Home and Garden February 8, 2014 at 10:32 pm

Neighborhood Water Bills

Hey neighbors. We just got a *ridiculous* water bill. It’s one of a series, actually. I think I need to look into it, but have realized that I have no idea what ‘normal’ water bills are in the area. Am looking to take an informal poll. To give you an idea, I live in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom place with my boyfriend and our bill was $400 last month. Is that normal or nuts? HELP! Thanks.

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I would guess that can’t be right. We are two adults living in a Petworth row house and our monthly water bill is about $50.

No that’s crazy. I have a row house with two people living in it (but frequent visitors), and it’s usually about $70. It was twice that once, and it turned out we had a sticky toilet handle so the thing wouldn’t stop running. Once we fixed that it went back to normal.

Also DC Water sent us a notification about halfway through the month that our usage was higher than usual. I’m not sure if we signed up for some alert or other, but it helped us avoid further expense.


Do they have your account and billing information? Are they billing you for the entire building? Is there a leak in your place or in the building?
I would call them and walk through the details of your account maybe have them send some one out to check the meter and such. If you have a landlord, condo board, building super. I would be contacting them as well!

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