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Announcements April 18, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Neighborhood Clean-Up Day

The 7th and Emerson Neighborhood Safety Association, which was formed as a result of last fall’s shooting, is planning a “neighborhood cleanup day”, where we are going to get together and generally spruce up the front of our houses (tree boxes, etc.). The date is April 28, from 9am to noon. The plan is do things like pull weeds, repaint and plant flowers in the planters along the street, share garden tools, etc., to give the area a more neighborhood-unified appearance. Someone will provide lemonade and cookies, and it will function as a way for us to get to know each other better as well as a chance to make the neighborhood look nicer.

We are going to try to arrange for the city to provide bulk trash pickup of any larger items that need to be removed, which should be easier than each person calling them individually.
I’m posting this for anyone in that area that we weren’t able to contact when going door-to-door, and also offering it as a suggestion for any other neighborhood that wants to do something similar. A neighborhood that looks like it cares is a good way to deter crime, as is getting to know your neighbors.
People in the 7th and Emerson area who want to participate should be in the 4900 block of 7th St NW on Saturday, April 28, at 9am.

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Happy to see you all doing this. My wife and I live on the 500 block of 7th st NW, and would have loved to help but will unfortunately be out of town. Good luck and thanks again!

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