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Need to install ventilation fan in bathroom – advice?

My condo has a windowless bathroom with no ceiling fan or ventilation of any kind. As you can imagine, the moisture has caused quite a bit of damage over the years. To prevent future damage and bring the bathroom up to code so I can rent my place out, a bathroom ceiling fan must be installed. There are no existing vents that the fan could connect to, thus a small opening will need to be drilled through my building’s brick wall to the outside.
I want to do this the right way but I have received conflicting advice about whether a permit is necessary. Two contractors have come out to look at the job and both told me that a permit isn’t required since this is an upgrade to bring my bathroom up to code. BTW, both contractors are licensed and experienced so I would expect they’d know what they’re talking about. I’ve been told by others that because the fan is new and a 3” opening must be made through the brick that a permit is required.
Anyone else have a similar experience? Is a permit required? At what point are you allowed to rely on the advice of an experienced contractor in situations like this? I am willing to go down to DCRA and apply for a permit myself but I wonder if DCRA will only issue a permit to the contractor. Licensed or not, this job is so small that I can see even a legit contractor jacking the price just for the inconvenience of having to get a permit. Any recommendations for other licensed contractors who have done a similar small job like this and got a permit without a hassle or charging a premium price? A 80 CFM ceiling fan, 3’ connection pipe, the vent hood and all other materials amount to less than $100 from Home Depot and would take a good contractor less than 2 hours to install, so I don’t want this to turn into some complicated and expensive boondoggle. [And btw, I’ve contacted the condo board about my plans and am fairly certain this won’t be a problem.]

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The first step is to ask the condo association for permission, with their permission the association usually have guidelines for any remodeling project (regardless the size)
If they say a permit is required (Since it’s their building) a permit is pulled under a home owners name not a contractor.

Hope this helps!

Amm, If your bathroom is at the center of house and there is so space for ventilation to through the air out from bathroom . then you have to use the chimney type row. If the bathroom is at the side of house, then its simple for ventilation. Make a big hole in wall of bathroom and fix with the help of home constructor.

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