Need place for a rehearsal-like dinner.

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Topic: Need place for a rehearsal-like dinner.

Food and Dining January 9, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Need place for a rehearsal-like dinner.


Hello fellow PoPers!
I’m trying to find a place for a 14 people wedding dinner. I’m looking for something that would sit us at one large table, not a loud space as we’ll have elderly family members and multiple-languages, somewhat dressy or if we are all decked out in wedding attire we wouldn’t stick out much, and in DC proper. And of course, we are on a budget! This may not be possible, but I’m crossing my fingers. 
Thanks for any recommendations! 

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Domku? They have a fairly large table in the back behind the bar so it is tucked out of the way. It is usually pretty quiet in there and their prices are not crazy. It is casual but I don’t think anyone would bat an eye if you were dressed up. 

The mezzanine at Zaytinya is really nice for groups and takes you away from the noisier ground floor. We did a work event there and had a plentiful and delicious prix fixe meal for a decent price. St. Arnold’s in Dupont could also be nice – good Belgian food and a cozy atmosphere. You could always try Rasika too – if you eat family style, it really doesn’t end of being as expensive as other restaurants of similar caliber.


What kind of budget?
Equinox would be great for this, but while it’s not over the top expensive, it’s not cheap. Same for Sou’wester. Might be able to make this work at the Tabard Inn. Or Vidalia. Or Corduroy.


OK, adding to the list here:
Seasonal Pantry – Don’t know what day you want to do this on, but talk to them about the supper club. you might be able to get them to do a custom dinner for you all.

You might check out the Tabard Inn too. They have some private rooms you can reserve for lunches, dinners, etc. The cost of the dinner we did there was much less than what I expected it to be, especially considering that the food and service were amazing. Might not be in your budget but if it is, I would defintely consider it.


I can not say enough good things about Chez Billy. I had an event there last month and they could not have been more accomidating. They have a room upstairs that should seat 14. They were super flexible with my budget and the menu as well. Ask for Ian. He is the best.

We did our rehearsal dinner at Trattoria Alberto’s on Barrack’s Row.  They have a private 3rd floor  dining room, and the price was incredibly reasonable.  Also, the food is kind of oldschool Italian-American, so it was good for a broad palate of tastes. 

I had my rehearsal-like dinner with the exact same number of people (but spent quite a bit less) at Ripple in Cleveland Park. It was perfect! Congrats on your pending nuptials!


We had our rehearsal dinner at Local 16. It wasn’t too pricey. They made one of the upstairs rooms private for us. It was relatively early in the evening so noise wasn’t an issue, but I don’t think it would work out later on at night when it gets noisy.


Thanks for you suggestions everyone!

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