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Public Safety April 10, 2013 at 11:09 am

Need help with dog attack


My Shih Tzu was attacked by an unleashed pit bull on Monday evening around 6 pm.
The attack took place around the 5300 block of 14th St NW; unfortunately, my pet
sitter was too traumatized to get an exact address (either 5311 or 5313). Anyone
out there aware of any uncontrolled dogs in this area? The owners simply took
their dog inside after the attack, didn’t give any contact info or even check to
see if my poor boy was okay.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Terrisaurus Rex

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oh i’m so sorry, that’s awful!  have you tried contacting DC animal control/the washington humane society?  you can reach them through 311, or at one of the numbers listed on their website

Thanks. I contacted animal control, so hopefully they will find the owners of this dog.


I live in the area and walk my dog around there all the time.  I’m not familiar with the pit in question, nor have I seen any dogs off-leash around there in quite a while.  Sorry to hear this happened, hopefully animal control can help.

I live in Logan Circle and see dogs off leash in the circle very frequently. I’ve even asked an owner to leash their dog to get the response, “Oh, but he’s friendly!” I’m sure he’s friendly, but something could set him– or any other dog– off. 
Is there anything we can do to stop the idea it’s okay to have an unleashed dog?

I’m really sorry to hear about your dog, and your pet sitter.  I hope they both recover.
I live near there and I have seen a short, stocky, pit bull roaming.  It has a pink collar.  I believe that the dog lives on Kennedy, btwn 14th and 13th. Each time I see the dog, it seems to come out of a yard on Kennedy (I was farther down the street and could not see which house, or tell if it was just walking through the yard) and is always headed to the corner of Colorado/Kennedy/14th.  I couldn’t determine where it went from there, but that’s very close to where your pet sitter reported the incident.  The dog basically ignored me, but I did not have my dog with me either.  I had called animal control on the second time I saw it, but I’m not sure what follow-up, if any there was.

We’re a little south of you.  However, the most favorite dog of our neighborhood (a Shih Tzu mix named “Batman”) was attacked and killed recently by an off leash pit bull.  This occurred on Kansas at Taylor St NW.  The owner of the pitbull allowed it to happen and then after Batman was dead, the two just walked away as if it were the most normal occurrence in their day.  
The only recourse that you have is to call animal control.  Good luck.  And so sorry about your dog!

I just submitted a FOIA request for the bite report, which includes the other owner’s information. I WILL be filing a suit or a claim against their homeowner’s insurance. If they are renters, I hope this will get them evicted (yes, I’m petty and vengeful).  I’m just so grateful that I have witnesses and that people were willing to help; one guy jumped out of his car with a tire iron and beat off the attacking dog.  My boy is so lucky; there are people who haven’t survived pit bull attacks, much less small dogs (poor Batman). 

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