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Travel and Transportation January 11, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Multiple speed camera tickets in a span of a few days

Long story short, I found out about the new camera in our neighborhood (on the 7700 block of 16th St.) by the speed camera ticket I got in the mail for going 42 in a 30 back in December.  So, I immediately stop speeding there.  Unfortunately, between the time it took for the picture to get taken and for me to get the ticket I sped on that same block while on my way to work 4 more times, which means that over the last week I’ve been coming home to more tickets from December.
I guess I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if there’s any advice to be given for a hearing.  I know I did what the tickets said, and the speed limit is obviously posted, but its also rather brutal to keep having tickets show up at my door when all it took was one for me to correct my behavior.  I’m hoping to get at least some leniency to avoid paying $125 a pop, but I’d love to know if anyone else has gone through this before.

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You can’t schedule a hearing for photo radar tickets, but you can show up to Adjudication Services at 301 C Street NW and they have hearings on a first come first serve basis.

Please tell me this is a joke.
If not, pay the tickets and stop speeding. There’s a lesson in all this.

Alphabravo, I’m just always incredulous when I hear arguments like this. Don’t take this personally, but I don’t get how you can admit to breaking laws on a regular basis and then get bent out of shape when you get caught; especially in cases like this where it is wholly and completely in your control whether or not you break the law.
I do know one person who was in the same situation as you – multiple camera violations occurred before she found out about the first one. She ended up paying all the tickets.
Also, I actully know 16th street very well, but what other drivers are doing is irrelevant. I know from personal experience that some do in fact drive the speed limit there. It’s a choice.

It happened to me and I paid all of the tickets.  An expensive mistake.  If you admit you were speeding, under what grounds could you possibly dispute it?

I am generally a supporter of speed cameras, but this strikes me as unreasonable. If the goal of the cameras is to change driver behavior, then the city needs to give you a chance to change your behavior before slamming you with multiple tickets.  Unfortunately, there may be nothing you can do about it.  I’m not sure whether the city adjudicators would have discretion to take mercy on you, but I think they should.
Also, I think one problem with speed cameras is that speed limits are often set too low.  I think the limits were traditionally set with the assumption that people would actually go over the limit.  In other words, if the goal is 35 mph, then they might set the limit at 30.  If there is going to be bright line enforcement, then the speed limits should be adjusted to a more reasonable level.  Thirty on 16th Street is too low, in my opinion. 

You knew it was illegal, you did it anyway, and then you got caught. Pay the tickets and just be glad you weren’t in an accident, where the difference between 30 and 42 could cost you your life.

Hey hey you guys?  Let’s take a step back here.  I know what I did was wrong and I admitted as such in the original post.  I don’t want to drag this out – I’d like to think of myself as generally a safe driver and I haven’t had a ticket in 15 years (not counting parking).  I’m certainly not cannonballing down 16th St., I just tend to go the speed of traffic.  Again, not excusable.  My only point was that it only took 1 ticket to teach me a lesson (because for me, one $125 ticket is a serious issue), and since then I’ve just been coming home to getting smacked in the face.  I’m obviously going to be paying, but I was just wondering if this had happened to people before and if they’d been able to get an leniency from the court.  Apparently no one has, so I’ll most likely be sucking it up and trying to figure out where I’m going to get $625 from.  So be it.  Thanks for the input though.
On a somewhat related note, I think what kenyondweller said in regards to posted speed limits was spot on.  Regardless of the outcome of this, 30mph is extremely slow for 16th in that area and now with the camera there’s a lot dangerous hard breaking going on.

fitness821 is right, it’s not about safety. No one goes the speed limit on 16th. Even the people who are posting here deriding the OP don’t. I know because I am the one guy who goes the speed limit on 16th.
Seriously, this holier-than-thou gibber jabber is bunk. Everyone here breaks the speed limit *all the time*. I know because I’m the only guy on New York Avenue going 35 mph (well, at least for the short stretch where the camera is). I know everyone here breaks the speed limit *all the time*, because I drive in DC every day and I see all of you, doing the same thing — breaking the damn law by going 5- 15 over.
I mean, it could be that on this thread we’ve stumbled across the 5 or so people in DC who don’t speed, but that seems unlikely.
Let me ask you all this: should you all be getting tickets for going 5 mph over the limit? Instead of a $125 ticket, you’ll be fined $65 for going 5 mph over. You’d deserve it — after all, you’re breaking the law just as the OP did. You can’t complain about the amount of the ticket either, because it’s adjusted proportionally to fit the OP’s fine.

I can see your frustration with so many tickets and I know so many people do not go 35 (esp. in some areas) on 16th.  If there is such thing as a 30 day notice, that is worth the fight or perhaps your odomoter is not working properly and you need to take it in for adjusting.   I too just got one of those “speed trap” camera tickets on NY & 6th going 47 in a 35, of course I didn’t need to go that slow because there was not one vehicle in any of the tickets being it was a Saturday morning.  I don’t remember the speed changing at that area or maybe there is usually so much traffic no one can speed.  My argument is that it is a bit excessive ($125).  How is the dollar amount determined on these tickets?  I have only received 2 others – one for a school zone and another in a construction area — of course there was no construction at the time and they were $40 each.  I do think $125 is a bit excessive and more like a speed trap as I read DC had a gross income of $56 million last year from camera tickets.  I’m not sure how many accidents used to occur at 6th & NY before they reduced the 35mph.   I suppose I would not mind if all this revenue went towards education–because for the parking tickets that I have tried to fight through mail adjudication, I noticed that apparently no one actually READS those ;-0.  OR have the revenue towards our jail system to keep prisoners IN jail or incarcurate those that should not be walking the street. Anyone know how to obtain the logs that are suppose to be checked on a daily basis to find out whether or not they have been checked?  

Just thought I’d let anyone who was interested know: went to court on Friday to appeal the tickets.  Hearing Officer saw my point and gave me a reduction on all tickets issued after the first one.  Still a hefty amount (the subsequent tickets were reduced to $75 from $125) but it did save me a couple of hundred dollars.  So, I guess that’s that.

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