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Public Safety December 13, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Mugged @ 11th b/w Columbia & Harvard tonight

Hi PoPville,
I was mugged tonight around 9pm on 11th St between Columbia Rd and Harvard St. A teenage boy dressed in all black with a black mask came up behind me. I heard footsteps getting closer so I walked from the sidwalk into the road/bikelane area but when he saw me do that he started running. I turned around and he put me in a chokehold. Two teenage girls (one in a yellow jacket, one in a periwinkle colored jacket) were trailing and grabbed my bags while the guy held me in the chokehold as I tried to fight back. I think they ran north on 11th, possibly down the alley on the west side of 11th between Columbia and Harvard. I called 9-1-1 and also was able to flag down a police officer who drove around the neighborhood but we did not see anything. 
I was not listening to music or on my phone. I was walking home from the Columbia Heights Metro after a work night meeting. I was aware of my surroundings and heard the guy approaching/sensed something was about to happen but could not do anything to stop it at that point. A heads up for others out and about in this neighborhood. 
If anyone sees a small brown leather purse, a yellow wallet, or the contents of my wallet (all cards have been canceled), please let me know.

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Sorry to hear that. At least you’re ok.

That is awful. Was the street completely empty? I always feel like being alert will prevent me from getting mugged but it just goes to show that’s not the case.

theheights: thanks, I am ok and very thankful for that!
rosied: The street was not completely empty. I don’t recall any pedestrians on either side of the block, but there was traffic, two cyclists, and around four men outside the 11th and Harvard market/bus stop. I ran into the road after I got free shouting I had been mugged and ran up to the guys outside the store so I could call 9-1-1 and be around people. They were not far away but I’m not sure if they saw it happen. It seems like they could have, but I do not want to assume.

Oh how awful and scary. So sorry that happened to you.

Wow! I run here often. That is horrifying and I am sorry it happened to you. 

So glad you are safe. 

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