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Home and Garden May 9, 2013 at 9:56 am

Moving a queen size bed / box spring

I’m moving towards the end of May and am just looking for a reliable way to transport my queen size mattress and box spring from DC to NOVA (a total of a 6 mile trip!). I’ve got a sedan to transport the rest of my stuff, so I’m only figuring out how to move my bed on the cheap.
Unfortunately, moving companies charge full freight prices (even if all I want them to move is my bed), and I really don’t want to deal with renting out a U-haul truck/van like I normally do. I’ve searched through Craigslist for a few services that offer to move a small amount of furniture for a relatively low fee, but they all look a bit shady/sketchy. I’m looking to spend around $40 to get this done.
Anyone have experience trying to move small amounts of furniture like this? Know of any companies/services/friendly private citizens who look to take on such small scale tasks? Given the transient nature of DC renters, I imagine there’s got to be a service to meet this need!

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I could help you out.  Last summer I moved a queen size box spring and mattress from NOVA to DC by strapping both (very securely) to the roof of my SUV.  Send me an email: chirp21 at gmail. 

Hey there,
I would be happy to do this as well. Put me second/(or first!) on the list 🙂 I would do the same as JCAP.
Kyle.warddahl at

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