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Travel and Transportation March 31, 2013 at 9:20 am

Movers to get a couch through a window?

An overstuffed couch has recently come into my life – but it doesn’t fit through my front door.  Looking for any local movers in the area who could help to hoist it through a 3rd floor window. Preferably, I’d like to find movers who have done this before… Thanks for any suggestions! 

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Have you tried taking the doors off the hinges?  And the legs off the couch?  It’s hard to believe a window on the 3rd floor is the best option – doesn’t seem worth the expense.

Thanks tof the tip – much appreciated….   Yep – took the feet off the couch, examined the whole door-off-the-hinges prospect (and multiple other possible ideas under the sun).  The issue’s not actually the width of the door, its the angle of getting past the wall/closet once through the door….  

I can’t recommend any specific movers, but I know they are out there. I saw this being done in Adams Morgan the other weekend. Good luck….what a pain.

Some friends of mine moved into a row house with one of those tiny, narrow spiral staircases, and they used Gentle Giants, who were able to move all their upstairs furniture via the staircase and skylight, without so much as a dent. They might be worth looking into.

The New York Times had an article a while back on a “couch doctor” in NYC who’s an expert in disassembling and reassembling couches in situations like these: .  Maybe a local mover might know if there’s a person who does the same thing in the D.C. area?

Not to question your spatial ability- but I worked as a mover for a few years and found there were almost no instances where we couldn’t get a couch through a door.  The only ones that are a complete loss are basement apartments where there is a wall on both sides of the door that doesn’t allow you to put the couch on it’s end and kick the bottom out allowing you to thread the couch through the opening on an upright angle.  If you have enough room on both sides of the door to rotate the couch while standing on end, you should be able to do it.  If not, then, yeah, the window might be the only option.  Depending on how high the window is and your relative handiness, there are a variety of fun lifting devices that you can get from the rental shops….Might be cheaper than the movers.

Many thanks for all of the feedback – much appreciated.  I found a great local business the helped me with the couch: Swift and Gentle Moving (, located between Georgia and Sherman Ave.  Gus and his team were extremely personable, professional, fast, and reliable.  Would definitely recommend them.
Jolsenami – you certainly were right to question my spatial ability.  Gus and his team were able to get it through the door (rather than hoisting it through the window), but maneuvering through the door did end-up being a three-man job, handled by professionals.  There is no way I could have done it myself. 
Thanks again for all the response, Popville

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