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Home and Garden March 16, 2012 at 2:57 pm


Yep, they’re back, and earlier than usual. After many years in a high-rise this will be our second summer in our house dealing with those heinous little pests — and it’ll likely be worse this year due to our mild winter. 
Any tips on how to keep away and/or kill mosquitos? We are ensuring we don’t have standing water on our property so they can’t breed in there, but I can see some neighbors who are sadly not as attentive. My wife wants enviro-friendly options, but I’m less picky… I just want ’em dead. 
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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The best natural way is ofcourse clean your surroundings and make sure that there are no stagnant waters nearby to prevent possible breeding grounds of mosquitos in your are. Another advice that i could recommend is by getting yourself a citronella plant and placing them near your dorr or corners of the house since it has a natural scent that drives away mosquitos.


I saw on pinterest this weekend that someone reccomended spraying listerine on your patio and surrounding area. Sounds crazy to me, but I will try anything at this point. The bad thing is anything you do will just be a temporary fix unless you get the entire block treated.

The NY Times had this article last fall about the search for cheap, environmentally friendly anti-mosquito measures:

Thank you all for the suggestions. I particularly like the Boric Acid idea from the NYT, since there’s only so much I can do about my neighbors’ tidiness. 
Thanks again! 

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