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General Discussion July 27, 2013 at 12:55 pm

Montgomery Hills Car Wash – Service Refused


I went to the Montgomery Hills Car Wash (on Georgia Ave.) today and they REFUSED TO WASH MY CAR. I asked for the regular wash ($13) and was told my car was too dirty and that I would need to get the ultimate wash ($22). Admittedly, my car was pretty dirty, but that’s why I went to get it washed in the first place!

Moreover, I’ve shown up with an equally dirty car to this car wash before and have found the regular wash to be more than sufficient. Nowhere on their website or any of their signage onsite does it stipulate that a vehicle may be “too dirty” to receive a certain type of wash. In addition, I stressed a number of times, that I didn’t care if it was perfectly clean, but that I wanted the best they could do with the regular wash. Not only did they refuse to wash the car, but I was treated rudely by the staff (particularly the gentleman that seemed to be in charge outside). I left a message with the manager, but have not yet heard back.

Am I right to be upset that they refused to wash my car? Any suggestions for actions I can take to rectify the situation?

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I think you are wrong. They shouldn’t be rude though. I personally wouldn’t have turned away the business but they don’t need to disclaim which cars they will wash and which they won’t.

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