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Shopping July 30, 2012 at 9:44 am

Moldy produce at the Waterfront Safeway?

So last night I was on my way home from a friend’s house near the Waterfront metro and I thought I’d stop in at the fancy new Safeway they put in there to pick up a few things on my way back home. The produce section was disgusting–rotting stuff everywhere. But I think the worst offender was the moldy okra. Is this the norm at that store?

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I think I have found moldy produce everytime I went in a Safeway in DC. I try my best to avoid shopping there.

Did you report it to the manager and also feedback to corporate?  I haven’t seen anything like that in all my years of popping into Soviet or Un (Cap Hill).  The worst I’ve seen is milk past its sale date at Soviet and they moved it off the floor mighty fast when I pointed it out to them.

At least it was obvious. My girlfriend bought a watermelon at a Giant in Northern Virginia, and it was completely rotten when we sliced it open. I usually stick to Harris Teeter and Farmers Markets, although the Capitol Hill Safeway is pretty nice. 

Oh, and when I lived closer to the Waterfront Safeway and shopped there regularly I don’t recall there being problems with the produce. This was before the rennovation, though. 

I shop at the Waterfront Safeway regularly and I think the produce section about the same as every other grocrey store in the area. Produce rots and gets moldy – that’s sorta what it does. Some stores are bit more careful in checking and removing bad produce but I have seen less optimal produce at every store I have gone to around DC (Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Giant, Trader Joe’s).  I have found that Sunday evenings is not the opitimal time to shop because they don’t get shipments on Sunday (at least that’s what a store employee told me) – since most people seem to shop Sunday AM so the produce can get cleared out by the end of the day. 

There’s a Harris Teeter by Potomac Ave metro. Their produce is generally more reliable. Buy your produce in the early afternoon to catch new re-stock veg/fruit.


It’s Safeway. Their food sucks.  And no, management does not care.
Shop elsewhere.

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