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Announcements September 10, 2012 at 8:28 am

MISSING DOG – 16th St Heights/Crestwood/Petworth/ColHts


Sunday, 4PM. Near 16th St., Upshur St., Arkansas Ave., Taylor Street NW. No collar, but microchipped.

Unfortunately, she’s funny looking, and not very smart. Have you ever seen the movie Goonies? My dog was probably the model for the Goonies. Or the Wookies in Star Wars. I’ve told her this, and I think it went to her head. Unfortunately, she has a brain the size of a poppy seed, so I think she’s going to jump in the lap of the first person who reaches down to pick her up and say hello. A little teacup filled with water will probably seal the deal.

She is a 6-pound toy poodle mix, possibly with Havanese or Papillon. She is mostly white, with two big brown spots on her back, and ears with long brown hair that dangle on both sides of her little head. She is very friendly, and won’t hide from you if you reach for her. Just say “Hey TINY!” in a high-pitched voice, or sing the “Tiny Buttons” song that I made up for her, if you’ve ever heard it. Dangit, I forgot to put it on YouTube. Watch out, though, she has DEATH BREATH. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been saying “I need to get her groomed” for months now, so she looks even worse than usual. It’s like your mom always said, “Wear clean underwear, in case you get in a car accident.” Get the dog groomed, in case she runs away. You wouldn’t want someone to find her looking like THAT, would you? Well. I guess I learned my lesson.

If you find her, please call me to give her back to me. She is the kind of dog that most people see, and say, “I wish I could find a dog JUST like that.” She’s quiet, affectionate, easy going, and she’s is madly loved by her person and her big dog-sister.

Contact: Michael 202-374-6591
Thanks, PoPville. You’re awesome. I hope.


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