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Neighborhood News March 16, 2015 at 10:01 am

Missing cat named "Max" from 18th and U

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My cat Max ran out of my house at around 5:30 pm last night. He’s black, neutered and thrilled to be outside so you may see him relaxing in your yard or trying to get into your house. If you see him please call Kim at 202-725-5866.

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Is Max a long or short hair? It may be too far for him to travel, but I have been seeing a longer hair black cat around Varnum St NW and Grant Circle. The cat seems pretty healthy, but is hanging around the dumpsters behind St Gabriel’s Church. Good Luck!

I’m happy to say Max found his way back home! Thanks everyone!!

And special thank to you Jillm for the look out! The cat probably wasn’t Max but you never know, he IS a medium haired cat and methinks he went for a long walk judging by how tired he is.

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