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Neighborhood News March 26, 2014 at 3:37 pm

Mint's "Family" Policy

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What’s up with Mint Gym’s new “family” policy that only allows married couples to qualify (see: Here’s the explanation given on the website:”MINT is welcoming of all varieties of families and loving relationships and does not wish to define the term ‘family’…However, the process of applying for the discounted ‘family’ membership requires that the process be fair and definitive, free of subjective judgement. The requirement of a ‘marriage license’ provides one single, factual, legal and consistent method for verifying discount eligibility.”
Huh? Is it 2014? Are we still living in DC? There’s no other way to document one’s “family” than a marriage license?? Neighbors, stand up for ALL families and encourage Mint to change their policy:

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Unless you are expecting Mint to allow discounts for children, then I’m not sure I see the problem. The business should be able to provide some qualification as people will take advantage of the discount by declaring themselves and friends and acquaintances as ‘family’. Now that gay families have the ability to obtain legal status, this policy doesn’t seem to be a problem to me, personally. As part of a gay couple, I take a tax hit for being legally married and get other legal perks and benefits- discounted auto insurance being one and apparently discounted gym memberships now too. What would you like them to accept as proof of marriage or domestic partnership in addition? Did you ask them to accept a different form of documentation (mortgage in both names or such) and they say no?

I did suggest a different form of documentation, just as you indicated. The response was…silence. I don’t have a problem with requiring documentation of being a couple. I have a problem with requiring *only one* form of documentation for being a couple. The advancement of equal access to marriage empowers people with the option to choose marriage. But Mint’s policy effectively takes away that choice or at the very least doesn’t support couples (gay or straight) who have chosen differently. It’s not right, it’s not current, and given that they espouse not wanting to “define families” on their website – it’s also completely hypocritical.

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