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Food and Dining May 16, 2012 at 4:40 pm

Minimum charge for being seated at a restaurant?

Over the weekend, I wanted to take my mom for dessert at Serendipity in Georgetown.  The sundaes there are absurd and I though she would get a kick out of it. When I told the host we were there for dessert and coffee he pointed to a new sign that each customer must spend $10 there.  I asked if this was just for card charges or split checks and was informed, nope, each customer must spend $10. Period.  Is this within city regulation? I though only licensed nightclubs could charge a cover or require a certain purchase minimum.  

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Yes.  ABRA doesn’t consider it a cover charge so they would be allowed to, but according to DC Regs it has to be a visible sign which many locations do not have.
710.4 Any holder of a Retailer’s license Class C or D, who makes a permitted minimum charge
for either food or a beverage, shall, during the hours when the minimum charge is made, keep
posted in a conspicuous place at each public entrance to the room or place where the minimum
charge is made a sign stating that a minimum charge is made, the amount of the minimum
charge, and whether the minimum charge shall be applied to food and/or beverage(s).
710.5 The sign required by § 710.4 shall be not less than one square foot in area with lettering
not less than one inch (1 in.) in height, and the letters shall be easily legible.

Hm. The regulations don’t say anything about whether or not that includes tip. I wonder if you could just “tip” up to the amount.

Man !!!! Everyone wants to live a “CHAMPAGNE” life on a “BEER” budget. If you can’t spend the 10 dollars at the restaurant, then go sit in McDonald or some other fast food place. and to think you’re that cheap to question whether the tip would count towards the minimum charge ???? keep your money and save the restaurant the hassle. Everyone thinks that restaurants have it easy – but it’s the OBAMA NATION misfits that think they’re entitled to the best for nothing !!!!!

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