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I’ve got mice that aren’t taking the bait. Traps have been set with peanut butter but these varmints must have a peanut allergy. What should I try next?

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The mouse in our house had a serious dry cat food addiction. Try that, or dry dog food.

I’ve had various luck with things over the year, depending on how frustrated I was feeling.  I always use glue traps for mice.
1. Cashews.  Don’t know why, but my mice liked them a lot.
2. Just straight up poison.  The poison block baits that are supposed to be refills, I would put them in the center of the glue trap and it would kill them either on the trap or near it.  Not feasible with children or animals around, though.
3. Bread


Traps don’t stop the problem, finding the hole does… Trace them back to where they are coming in from. You can put baby powder at the source of holes you suspect to be mouse holes, they usually run along baseboards. Pick up steel wool from Home Depot. Push steel wool firmly into any mouse holes you find (using a broom sitck), they can’t chew through it. Once you trap a mouse clan, others will simply come and take their place. it’s important to stop them at the source. Cheers!

Please please please don’t use poison or glue traps. Poison has the possibility of harming other animals or children. If a poisoned rat dies on the street or runs to the neighbors house or your house, a dog or cat or child can easily get a hold of it. I have see it happen before…… I am against glue traps, because you are starving the mouse to death & sometimes you will still need to kill it.  
I agree w jack5 on finding out the entry way, but I disagree with his recommendation to make the purchase at Home Depot. I am just not a fan of them.  I also want to recommend using electric mouse traps…. you will find them on amazon and google. 


Jakopanda, there is a mouse problem in my house and we purchased an electric trap, but we’ve had it out for months and it hasn’t caught a single thing. Have you had overwhelming success with those types of traps? Maybe we just happened to buy a faulty one, but as of now I’m not convinced they work well at all.

If you’re still looking for the hole, check behind your oven. It’s a very likely place for them to get in.


I have found glue traps and live traps to be utterly useless – never caught anything with those.
Most successful have been these – they are awesome and much safer to arm and place (don’t snap on your finger easily). (http://www.amazon.com/Ortho-0321110-Defense-Press-2-Pack/dp/B003YL4MG0/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1360967290&sr=8-9&keywords=mouse+traps)
followed by the classic wodden ones (http://www.amazon.com/Victor-Easy-Mouse-Trap-M038/dp/B000HJ79Y4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1360966979&sr=8-6&keywords=mouse+traps)
as bait I am using peanut butter in some and cream cheese in others – seems mice have different tastes! key is replacing every day as they like their bait fresh. and just don’t leave any other food lying around or just in bags. Good luck! I know plugging the hole is ideal but our house is big and old with many little open under-door cracks etc – I’ll never seal it up completely. and to find the hole in our kitchen I’d have to rip out all built-in cabinets… just not an option right now.

Get a cat – even if for a short while – foster, borrow – the mice will disappear.

I’ve heard horror stories of poison use.. mice aren’t killed immediately, they wander to a dark tight space and die.. smell, flies and frustation to follow…

I had a little plague of mice here, and they totally ignored the peanut-butter-baited snap traps. But they loved the sunflower seeds I keep here for the birds. I put some of the seed in the bottom of a plastic bag (a fairly stiff one, not the flimsy supermarket things), and in they went. Some I saw entering the bag, some I just found in the bag when I happened by. One by one, I took them outdoors and dropped them in the Supercan, about the best way I could think of to dispose of them. Got six or seven of them, and now, no more mice.

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