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Metro Reimbursment Question

I am sure I already know the answer to this question, but just had to ask… when there are delays and malfunctions on the metro and one can no longer wait for a train and either has to exit to catch a cab or bus – is there any way to get a credit/refund if one goes in/out the same station turn-style within 30 minutes?

Yesterday morning Metro was single tracking the green line/yellow and I watched 4-5 lines go by heading North and was left waiting, waiting, waiting with many others for a train headed south.  I ended up having to catch a cab so I would not overwhelmingly late to work.

Again, I think I already know the answer to this, but just had to throw it out there to the general PoP populace – which might also include a few WMATA people [?] as well.

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Pixelww…  Good luck, but I’ve actually tried to get Metro to reimburse me for wasted trips when I had to return home to work rather than waste hours trying to get out to my office in VA.  They categorically refuse to compensate riders for specific incidences when you yourself choose to go by alternate means…even when it’s their screw-up.  Ironically, however, when a line melts down completely they will occasionally make “good will” reimbursements if you complain about how long it took you to get somewhere.  In last year’s Orange line meltdown, I got Metro to give me two vouchers good each for a one-way ride.  Use their complaint email address (on the website) and quote your Smarttrip number for that.

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