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Metro accessible thrift stores for ugly sweaters?

I know it’s a little cliche but I’m having an ugly Christmas sweater party in a few weeks.  Only problem is I don’t own an ugly Christmas sweater.

I’d love to buy one of the awesome 65$+ tacky sweaters I’ve found online but that’s a little rich for something I’ll probably spill tequila on anyway.  
So POP folks, I’d love to know where I should check out.  Should be metro accessible, bonus points if it’s somewhere in the district that wouldn’t be an absurd bike ride from dupont .

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Yup!  Already maxed out my entry (and followed you on twitter in the process).  Obviously can’t put all my eggs in that particular ugly sweater basket, so looking for peoples’ suggestions of good thrift shops to check out.


You may want to try ebay. I used to buy ugly sweaters off of ebay quite frequently – you can probably find one for a few dollars. I got one for a penny once!

I second ebay.  It’s not worth paying more than $5 for an ugly sweater. Or you can wait for after the holidays to get one on sale.

Unique thrift store in Falls Church has a killer selection, though I imagine they’ll all get bought up pretty soon.

I got my Tweed Ride costume at the Georgia Ave Thrift Store and they had a ton of clothes at low prices. They are bus accessible (70 line). They don’t have a dressing room though, so I would wear a thin shirt where you can try on the sweater over it. If you have time, sort through your old clothes and find some winter clothing in good condition to donate while you are there 🙂

Metro accessible if you walk up from Stadium Armory or take the X2 from Chinatown … there are at least three excellent options on H St. NE – I don’t know the names but, near the Dollar store around 7 or 6/H NE  – 13th/H NE Salvation Army Store, and the One Something store – a couple doors down from the Argonaut – and then at Hechinger Mall there’s a Ross.  But really – if you hit these thrift stores – you’ll find what you need.

There is a little hidden thrift shop in the basement of St. Alban’s Church directly next to the National Cathedral. I’m sure you could get a sweater there for under $10. Its only open until 3pm but it is worth stopping by on a saturday morning. This isn’t exactly metro accessible but you can bike there from dupont or take an N bus up Mass ave.

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