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Maximum Walk Time To Be Considered Walkable?

I am debating whether or not to move or add on and was wondering what most people consider an acceptable time to walk to an amenity to classify it as walkable as that is a factor in my decision. Currently, it takes me 2 minutes to walk to the nearest bus stop, 7 to a park, 15 to the bars/restaurants and 25 minutes to a metro.

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If I can walk to the metro, parks/rec center, library, some small shops & restaurants with in 10-20 minutes I find that works. It is nice to have conveniences like a gas station, coffee shop, park, 7/11, CVS or other small store for the milk we just ran out of, a few bus stops within 0-10 minutes.

For me personally, I define “walkable” as close enough that I won’t consider other options (like taking a bus, or running that errand some other time), and that’s about 15 minutes. I do get the sense though that most normal people would put “walkable” closer to 10 minutes while real estate agents put it somewhere around 90 minutes (joking, sort of).
From your description, I don’t think your location would generally be considered very “walkable” to most people.

Similar to the above poster I define walkable as – when walking is the most convenient option for a variety of destinations that I regularly frequent (CVS, grocery, etc). I’d never take metro if it took 25 min to walk there, because I’m sure driving+parking would get me where ever I was going faster.

I would consider that for many people a home being “walkable” isn’t a priority, but this depends on the location and type of home. If you are in a single family or rowhouse in one of the more residential areas then ones expectation of what will be within walking distance is much different then for a condo downtown.

Generally I consider walkable 20 minutes max. Or anything within a mile.
I will walk more, just because it’s nice. But I prefer 20 minutes. Right now I am walkable with the exception of groceries, which will change in the next year.

I think it depends on what you’re walking to. Like the previous poster, I like walking – but for a place to be considered truly “walkable” (and for me to consider living there since walkability is a priority for me) I judge it on whether I’d walk the distance in just about any weather. That obviously means that safety has to be accounted for. Other than that, judging from this cold snap we’ve been having I’d be unlikely to take the Metro if it was more than 10 minutes walking – especially for anything other than getting to work. For buses it’s more like 5-7 minutes (and then I would only consider the area “walkable” if it is on bus lines with very frequent service – the 30’s, S’s, 50’s, Circulator, etc.). For things like groceries or nightlife, 15 minutes is about as far as I’ll walk before considering alternative ways to get there (biking, bus, cab/car).

Depends on the walk. I can walk to Ft Totten metro in 20 minutes, but the walk is ugly at times, crosswalks treacherous at others, so its not reasonable to consider it walkable. The same time on a straight street with normal crosswalks would be pleasantly ‘walkable’.

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