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Family March 11, 2013 at 9:42 am

Math Tutoring for 5th Grader


I’m considering getting my 5th grader a math tutor to help him overcome some of the difficulites he’s having with a few areas. Does anyone have any recommendation on tutors in the petworth area? 

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I’m in Pleasant Plains and I used to tutor middle school and high school algebra and geometry when I lived in Chicago. What in particular is he struggling with? If you’re interested, I’m happy to pass on some references.


Thanks for the response adb414. He’s struggling with fractions, percentages, graphing and decimals. 

how many days a week would you need a tutor? 

Check here:

You can adjust the subject at the top to math.
A lot of these tutors have low rates because they are university students. Just make sure to check references of course.
If that doesn’t work out, contact the learning specialist at your son’s school and ask for tutor referrals. Most schools keep a database of tutors to recommend to struggling students.
Good luck!

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