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Recreation and Sports August 3, 2012 at 11:07 am

Masters Swimming in DC

I’ve been looking for a Masters team or practice group in the area for a while and haven’t had much luck. I signed up for this wait list maybe a year ago and never heard anything ( The DC Masters team looks like it’s totally inactive ( And while I have no interest in triathlons, I’m not against training with triathletes, but a) it’s closed and b) I’d rather not pay $225 for the privledge! (
I have to be honest that I’m kind of surprised – there are some great age group clubs in the area and DC has free pools! I checked Curl Burke expecting they’d have something but the site seems to be down ( Where are all the swimmers??

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You could try DCAC – I do their Swim for Life every year and it’s a blast!
I swim at the Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex (next to the Fed Ex arena in Landover) as it’s right next to my work, you normally get a lane to yourself and it’s only $32 a month!  I can’t swim with the DCAC – their times don’t match my schedule and the groups at the Haines Point pool are way too intense for me (not sure who they are – I think there’s more than one group).
That being said – I miss doing a real work out. Left to my own devices I tend to stop swimming more because I’m bored than tired.  I’d love to get a group going at the New Rosedale Pool…

Check the Curl Burke site again, because that link went to info about their masters swim program.  The site might’ve been down because they probably got a lot of traffic from either the Rick Curl scandal or when one of their swimmers recently won gold medal.

Yeah I thought that might have been an issue with Curl Burke – also to Cavin in DC – sorry for accidentally voting that down, it was helpful. Landover is a bit far as I don’t have a car unfortunately. Interesting you said that about Haines Point – I must not be going when they meet, because I seem to always hit it when there’s a crowd of elderly swimmers with no understanding of pool ettiquette!
I would be interested to see a group at Rosedale too, but my understanding is that they only have lap lanes for an hour in the morning?

Haines Point Pool, Trinity (by Catholic), and Wilson HS Aquatic Center all have big pools and all have Masters swimming – good luck!

The YMCA at 17th and Rhode Island has evening masters classes:  I think you can pay for the class without joining the Y. 

As a master’s swimmer with DCAC, the scene here is definitely alive and varied.  Our team has about 150 active members and we welcome people of all abilities.  Coaching staff is great.  We compete in meets all over if that’s your thing, or if you just want to get a good swim in.  Check it out

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