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Public Safety September 21, 2014 at 2:29 pm

Man w/ Machete on New York Ave

Shortly after 10pm last night on the 400 Block of New York Ave NW in front of Yale West Apartments are man was running up the sidewalk with a machete. I thought surely someone would call the cops or I would see a report online somewhere. So far, nothing. Anyone else see or hear about this? I hope everyone was safe.

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Did you call the cops yourself?

Does anyone have experience traveling to/from Dulles airport? I was considering flying Dulles around Thanksgiving since it has cheaper rates than Reagan. However, the Silver Line does not connect to it yet! And after reading the recent post about the woman whose cab driver did not want to let her leave the cab (creepy!) I feel far less comfortable about hailing a cab for a trip to/from the airport.

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