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Other March 12, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Making Friends in Columbia Heights/DC

My girlfriend and I recently moved to the city about 6 months ago. We have found it extremely difficult to make friends in the city. Are there any suggestions you can make for us? We want to find a core group to hang out with in the city and we don’t know where to begin.

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If you find an answer to this question please let me know. I have found that unless I have the key to advancing someone’s career then they don’t care to be around me.

Have you thought about putting a call out (maybe via PoP) to start some sort of a group activity (book club, board game group, wine & cheese tasting club) in your neighborhood? My sense is that you might have better luck assembling a small group of folks who share a common interest and going from there than meeting people in other venues. You could even do a trial run of a few things to weed out any potential oddballs who don’t seem to click with others.

I moved to DC a few months and live in the Adams Morgan/Mt Pleasant area.  I’m also having a hard time meeting new people here (it’s been quite a common rant over on the Rant/Rave posts recently).  I’d be interested in getting together for some kind of “I’m new to DC and need friends” happy hour or social gathering in the neighborhood.


alumni groups can be a good place to start, or if your office has some sort of softball team or the like

unfortunately welcome to dc. you might want to try joning a sports team. i know soccer through has worked well for many i know. 
i grew up in the dc area and i do not know what i would do if i didnt have hs/college friends in dc. 
good luck!

I met a lot of great people playing Waka kickball and DC kickball too.  You can join random teams, and meet new people.  It take a lot of energy to meet new people but it can be done! Trivia nights, local organization events, and the like are also great spots to meet people.  It will take a little time and some effort you might not be used to spending to make friends, but we’ve found it pretty easy.
DC is a great place to meet new people because there are a lot of people in the same boat you’re in.  It may seem intimidating, but a little conversation will show you many have been where you are and are willing to include you. 
2 years here and we have a wonderful circle of friends that I would have never had anywhere else.  Be open, make the effort, and try new things!  Good luck and welcome to DC!

Just out of curiousity, how have you met friends in past cities you’ve lived in? What have you tried in DC? How do you find it different? Genuinely curious – for me, this city hasn’t felt different from making friends in any of the other places I’ve lived. Now that I’ve been here a couple years, I kind of have the opposite problem: so many friends that I don’t have enough time to keep up meaningful friendships with ALL of them! (and i’m an introvert, to boot). So, don’t give up. 

for meeting new people I suggest the Couchsurfing community, any kind of workshop or class series, music or dance groups (square dance at St. Stephens!), or get involved with something (anything!) as a volunteer. . . . there are tons of good people around, but you have to put out some effort, just like making new friends anywhere. Once I meet someone with whom I want to be friends, I like to invite them over for dinner or to do some activity together. Like a friend date. It really works!

so i’m very interested in starting a neighborhood non-fiction book club, both because there’s a slew of books under that broad category I want to read, and because I’d love to meet more neighbors (see my other post in the forum from a moment ago!).  Want to join me?

Hey my boyfriend and I moved here six months ago too, did you end up setting anything up?  Would love to meet new folks sometime … We’re over by the Petworth metro end of CH.  We’ve done some things but I’d love to meet some other PoPers

Has the happy hour/game night meetup happened yet?

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