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Maid/Cleaning Services recommendations?

We recently moved to a condo in Penn Quarter/Chinatown & are looking for a reliable, pet-friendly cleaning service. Due to federal employment sensitivities, we would prefer a service that is duly tax-paying & immigration law abiding.
We would probably want service no more than once a month, possibly every 3 weeks.
I see discussions on here from a couple of years ago that recommend Let’s Clean Services, Upper Crust Maids, The Green Mop, A&G, and “Filipino House Cleaning Services.”

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I used Maids In Black several times and highly recommend their services. I’m pretty OCD, and don’t trust most people I don’t know around my belongings, but I would happily have them back in my house unsupervised to do another job.


I’ve been pleased with MAB Cleaners (

I initially had them come when I was home a few times, but then my work schedule changed and I gave them access to the house to clean when I was out. They do a very good job with the cleaning, and after an initial hiccup or two with my (sort of complicated) locks and alarm system, they’ve been consistently good about securing the house. I’d recommend them.

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