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Travel and Transportation November 17, 2015 at 11:11 pm

Lyft billing error from DCA?

Hi Popville,
I recently took my first Lyft ride from DCA to Columbia Heights. When I received my receipt, I noticed that it included a $4 airport pick up fee as well as a $4 airport drop off fee. Assuming this was some kind of error, I emailed Lyft for an explanation of the $8 charge. Here is their response:

“Thanks for writing in. I’m happy to explain how tolls work when riding with Lyft.

Lyft features an automated toll system. Anytime you pass through a toll while in a Lyft ride, the cost is automatically factored in to your ride price. You’ll see the toll listed as a line item in your ride summary, and that amount goes directly towards reimbursing your driver. You mentioned two airport toll charges. Please note that one was when your driver picked you up, and one was during your exit from the airport.

This automated toll system is live for bridges, turnpikes, and tunnels in all Lyft cities. Any additional amount for a toll amount is included in the payment flow. We are not able to remove the cost of the toll from your ride price, and cannot issue a refund if you paid an amount for a toll outside of the app. Lyft’s cashless payment system makes sure your ride is safe and fun, and allows both you and your driver to focus on the ride itself.

For more information about paying for tolls as a Lyft passenger, feel free to check out the article on our Help Center:”

Has anyone else incurred a double airport charge of $8 for being picked up or dropped off at DCA? I’m not aware of any automatic toll system at DCA, so I’m a bit confused. I’m continuing to fight the charge with Lyft, but wanted to see if others have experienced this. Also, for clarification, my driver was already on airport property when I requested the ride, so their explanation of the charge above would mean that their asking me to pay for a toll that occurred before my ride commenced. This seems crazy.


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