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Lost pup in Columbia Heights (near 14th and Clifton)?

Have you seen this poor puppy? This picture was pulled from Facebook. I think the original post was made on Friday. It was apparently taken around the Faircliff West complex (not sure what part) which is west of 14th and south of Euclid and also west along Clifton Street. I have no idea whose dog this is but it seems like its someone’s. The pup has a collar on. Does anyone have any info on the dog? Did he or she make it home?

If the pup is still loose and anyone sees him/her and can coax them to come to you, I will gladly take him in and pay for a vet visit until we can find their real home. Or just take him right to City Paws vet on 14th, let me them know I’ll cover his/her bill and get in touch with me.


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My neighbor and I came upon this dog in the alley behind Clifton St Friday morning, and we coaxed her out, gave her some food, and left her with another neighbor who was willing to take her in temporarily. The dog was wearing a collar, but there was no ID on it. She is a little girl, so probably not the puppy on Facebook, who’s described as a “he”. I don’t know if my neighbor has tried to see if she’s got a microchip, but I am wary of finding the owner…she is very skinny, so she’s either been lost for a long time, or her owner was not taking good care of her.
The puppy is in out of the cold for now, eating well, and enjoying the affection she’s being given, but my neighbor can’t keep her forever (her other dogs aren’t happy about the newcomer), and she doesn’t want to add to her trauma by leaving her in a shelter. Any assistance in finding her a temporary or permanent home would be welcome. Terry, if you’d like to take over, I can put you in touch with my neighbor.
Hillary G.

This story just made my day!  Thank you

Update: This puppy has a new home with a family in Virginia! I’m trying to post a picture of her, but that’s not working for some reason. Anyway, she has filled out and been treated for a skin condition; she looks great and behaves like a happy, adoring puppy!
Hillary G.

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