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Lost orange cat – please help!

Hello all!
My cat ran away on Sunday night. His name is Mojave, but he goes by “Mo” or “MoMo.”

Last Seen: Sunday April 29 at 9 pm at 8th St NW and Webster St NW
Mo is an orange tabby, short-hair, neutered and microchipped, cute white belly, fascinated by squirrels and birds, meows a lot! He is fairly timid, but may approach you since he’s likely hungry. 
If you have any information, please contact Justin at (202) 324-6106 during the day and (919) 360-7546 in the evening hours. There is a reward for his safe return.

Thank you all for your help in locating my kitty!

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Aww good luck Justin, I hope Mo gets home safe. This breaks my heart extra, as I have a sweet orange kitty too.


Be sure to contact the Washington Humane Society. Saw another listing in which a woman found a female cat and was taking it to WHS. Glad to hear Mo is microchipped; WHS will check for that.

I saw a cat that looked something like this while riding my bike to work this morning. I do not remember the exact location, but it was somewher along 5th St. heading south from Grant Circle, or on Princeton Place between 5th and Ga. Ave. The cat I saw was on someone’s front porch and looked like it was trying to get inside, and there was a cat inside the glass front door – so the cat I saw may have lived there. But it’s back was arched like cats do when they are frightened, so I’m not sure what was going on. Anyway, good luck with your search and I’ll keep my eye out. I live near Webster also.

I live in that neighborhood – Shepherd and New Hampshire.  I have three orange tabbies, all outdoor cats, but all mine are collared.  I’ll keep an eye out for yours.  
For locating a lost cat – they tend to stay within a block of the house.  You should start doing a grid search – ask you neighbors to let you into their garages and yards.  he may be under a porch, or in a garage, unable to get out or hurt.  I’ll pray for Mo, and let us know if you find him.

Last week I saw a cat matching this description on New Hampshire Ave between Grant Circle and 7th (on the right side if you are traveling from the circle).  Hope you find him!  Does he have a collar btw?  I have seen another fairly similiar looking cat on Varnum St also near the Circle, ..but he was a little darker orange and had a collar. Good Luck!

I saw a similar cat at 1st and Randolph in Bloomingdale.  Seems far, but that cat hasn’t been in that area before.  Might be worth a shot.

Have you found your cat yet?  I saw one who looked an awful lot like this photo in the same area I and other people have mentioned.  He was in the yard at 4105 7th St…the corner or 7th and Taylor. Looked like your guy.  Looked a bit skinny and had some smalls cuts on his face, so he may have been in a scrap. Good Luck!

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