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Travel and Transportation February 10, 2015 at 12:02 pm

Lost MD license–convert to DC license?

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Long story short, I should have converted my MD license to a DC license a while ago. I didn’t. My wallet was stolen Saturday along with my MD license, and so I just have a passport as ID.

Understanding that I will spend the whole day at the DMV, here’s my dilemma:

Do I need to re-take the driver’s test and that rigamarole for DC? Do I get my MD license re-issued (which I’m not sure I can as I’m no longer a resident)? Or is there something in the middle?

Any help would be very much appreciated! The DMV website was not helpful.

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Actually the DMV website is helpful. From their “Convert an out-of-state license” page:
“If you do not have your out-of-state license in your possession, we will accept a certified driving record (issued within the last 30 days) reflecting the license is in good standing and not expired for more than 90 days.”
And just to further point you in the right direction, the MD MVA website tells you how you can obtain a certified driving record from them.

Alternatively, if you know someone in MD who will let you use their address, then you can just contact the MVA and have them send you a new one. Of course, shortly after, you should go to the DC DMV and switch it over.

Ah, thank you both. I guess my search skills were lacking yesterday. Much appreciate the help!

Same thing happened to me. I had to take my passport and the certified letter as well as a recent utility bill. Make sure the letter you get from MD has your old license number on it – they won’t accept it unless it has that information.

Oh, good point, redshoesjess. I got a ‘certified driving record’ but it doesnt have my license number on it. The receipt does, oddly. I’ll follow up with them.

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