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Other January 20, 2016 at 10:17 am

Lost Keys Maybe in SW DC

Greetings Popville, I lost my keys yesterday and I’m frantic. I either lost them at lunch time, somewhere between 17th and 14th, K and Eye Streets NW (McPherson Square) or in the evening on the A9 bus or on the walk between L’Enfant Plaza Plaza and 3rd and K St SW. I’ve called the places I went to (CVS, doctor’s office). My next step is WMATA and maybe the police, although I doubt anyone turned them in.

Keep your eyes peeled for:
A bulky bunch of keys that include: a navy blue lanyard that says ‘Lee’s Summit West High School 2008′, red and white beads that say “KELLY”, a purple bottle opener with “Belize” on it… A Honda Key Fob, two small gray fobs, five regular keys of varying sizes, and lots of scan tags like CVS, harris Teeter, Walgreens, MINT, etc.

I tweeted this below, feel free to RT to have your friends’ eyes out too, in case I did drop them on the road!


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