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Life and Society February 27, 2012 at 11:53 am

Lost Grey Cat

Howdy POPville!
Last night we had a small kitchen fire on the 700 block of Fairmont St NW. During the process of ‘airing out the house’ our foster cat escaped. She is an all grey domestic shorthaired cat who is probably really scared as she has been an indoor cat all of her 5 years. There are 2 other indoor/ outdoor cats on the block, 1 is grey and white with a collar (not the one I am looking for) the other is all grey and she has a curly tail (also, not the cat I am looking for). If anyone sees a cat matching this description in the area (Sherman X Fairmont X Euclid X Girard X Gerogia) please contact me. She will probably run from people. I have humane traps set on my property and animal control has been notified.
Thanks 🙁

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Kitty was found! Captured in a humane trap sneeking around at dusk last night (I also caught a feral the day before who is off to be neutered and vaccinated today!)


Also, YAY BOOCHOW for helping out the kitties.

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