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Announcements August 25, 2015 at 3:28 pm

LOST DOG (Basset Beagle Mix) Brooks IVO 16th & Belmont NW

Hello, We lost our short legged brown and white basset beagle mix dog at 1000 Tuesday morning August 25th. He was last spotted on 16th NW and Belmont. He was a stray before we adopted him, so can be skittish if chased. He is a very good dog, so if you find him, let him come to you. His name is Brooks. Please call text or email if found. 202-365-8120 [email protected] Thanks! Brian

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I saw him this morning at 11th and Euclid. Tried to grab him, but he was running really fast! I followed him over to Sherman and then lost sight of him. If you see him, grab quickly! I am sorry, was on my bike.. didn’t mean to chase him away.

Thanks Alexis! I also just received a text this 0310 this morning (Aug 27th) that he was spotted on Sherman, and then ran up Girard toward 11th. I have not been able to confirm if that was the time he was spotted. I drove over immediately and covered that area again, but no further sightings. Someone on the street confirmed that they too saw him IVO Sherman yesterday morning t 26th. Several people (thanks all!) put signs up last night in that general area. We also believe he was on Howard Campus and might have walked up Michigan toward McMillan sand site and construction. Thanks again Alexis and all who have helped!

Just confirmed that the sighting from this morning, 27 August is new. That is two mornings in a row in the same area.

Brooks is still in the same area. Someone just reported him asleep on their front port on fairmont between Sherman and Georgia avenue. After they gave him water, he ran off in the direction of Georgia avenue. 1030 Thursday 27 August.

Brooks has been found! A thousand thanks to all that have helped!

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