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Announcements September 2, 2015 at 12:03 pm

Lost (?) Child’s Backpack in Petworth

I was walking my dog tonight on 9th Street NW between Quincy and Rock Creek Church Rd, around 8:00pm, and I found a red and silver backpack with a last name (“Tahil”) in sharpie on it on the ground. After asking anyone else hanging around if they knew who it belonged to, I debated for a minute then checked the front pocket. I only saw a Silver Line Smartrip and an old iPhone (maybe a 2 or 3?) before someone said they knew whose backpack it was and told me not to worry about it, they’d return it.

I walked away but have been feeling really guilty about it all night – it was obviously a kid’s backpack with nothing of great monetary value in it, and I just could see some bullies taking it from him and ditching it or something. Anyways. I felt very torn about not taking it with me but didn’t feel like I was in a situation where I could argue against a large group of people – people who have always been very nice to me and protective of my dog, people who seem like good people. I hope that it got back to the proper owner, and if not, I just wanted to put something up online so that someone looking for it knows where it might be.


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