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Other March 28, 2014 at 9:58 pm

Lost cat: Missing tuxedo cat Gracie near Grant Circle



My cat Gracie is missing. She is very friendly and knows her name so please try calling her if you see her. She would love to come in your house and wait for me to get her. I live in NW DC by New Hampshire, Webster and 5th. Please call me if you see her. 202-427-8083.


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Sorry about your cat! I posted your message on the FB group, https://www.facebook.com/LostFoundDogs.MetroDC. They posted Gracie and responded with this:

Hi, we shared. Please keep us posted! Just post on the wall with any updates, can send out again as needed. Click see more to see full lost cat info… For quick results: do a quick check of our wall & Craigslist back to day pet went missing (lost/found AND pets sections) to see if your pet is listed. Do an ad on Craigslist in both sections too (may need to change title of ad). Then check animal control right away (okay to call first, but go in person asap, bring them a photo & keep going every few days).

Most indoor cats found *very* close to home. They typically hide in silence right nearby. So, post lots of flyers/signs in your area, talk to neighbors (go door to door with flyers), post on any neighborhood listserves/yahoo groups/newsletters, and search everywhere (sheds, garages, barns, RVs, basements, under bushes, under decks, inside the house, etc.). Can try putting out litter box and wet cat food, this will often lure them. Just the sound of the can opening outdoors has brought a quick response. Animal control may be able to help with a humane trap if needed.

Tips for finding your lost cat: http://www.missingpetpartnership.org/recovery-lostcat.php

More tips: http://www.catsinthebag.org

Even more tips: http://mcmdlostpets.blogspot.com/2009/06/variety-of-suggestions-for-finding-your.html

Recovery Tips: Lost Cat Behavior | Missing Pet Partnership
Search and Rescue for Lost Pets.

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