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PoPville November 4, 2012 at 9:33 am

lost cat found in Park View

I found this cat south of Lion’s Liquors.  The cat is very friendly/playful/young and well-groomed.  It was declawed and seemed confused, so I figured there was a decent chance it was an indoor cat/hadn’t been outside before.  I carried it to my house and gave it some bacon.  Please contact me at 703-774-4516 or email [email protected] to claim this cat.  Otherwise I will try to take it to a place to see if it has a chip.

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Could it be this guy? http://instagram.com/p/RS8YbPp0KB/

Sorry, similar coat but no white on tip of tail and face is a little diferrent.

Do you need any cat food for the little guy?
If you can’t hold on to him yourself, please see if anyone in PoPville can foster or adopt him — apparently taking him to a shelter can be a death sentence.

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