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Topic: Looking for yoga studio recommendations in AdMo/MtP/CoHi.

Recreation and Sports March 6, 2012 at 10:50 am

Looking for yoga studio recommendations in AdMo/MtP/CoHi.


I’m looking for recommendations for a good yoga studio for beginners. I liked yoga fundamentals classes at Stroga, but they sold so many Groupons, that I can’t ever get a spot in any classes there. I prefer a studio where you can rent a mat, I will be coming from work and refuse to carry a mat with me the whole day. Thanks! 

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I’ve been scoping out yoga studios in the neighborhood as well.  Past Tense Yoga up on Mount Pleasant St & Park Rd was recommended to me by a friend.  I believe you can use their mats for free.  I saw lot of positive reviews on Yelp for YogaChai on Columbia Rd & Ontario Rd, but I don’t know anyone who goes there.  I’m thinking of signing up for a new student pass at both places to see which one I like better.

I like Past Tense and have been going there for a couple years. The mats are included. Classes are generally not really crowded. A couple of the teachers are really great for beginners, and the others are fine. Classes are rated by level (1,2, or 3). There are some classes specifically for fundamentals. Good luck!

I go to Unity Woods in Woodly Park (right next to the metro). Their teaching is Iyengar-based which emphasizes alignment and safety.  Carolyn Bluemle and Rocky Davenport are my favorite teachers. They have mats – no charge.
I’ve heard really positive things about Quiet Mind in Columbia Heights. They have a donation based class which would be a good chance to check them out.

I go to Quiet Mind (3423 14th Street, just north of Monroe Street, NW) and love it. They give back to the community by offering free yoga classes on Sundays (I think noon and four). It’s my impression that the free classes are conducted by new yoga teachers but hey it’s free. Mat rentals are $1 but if you get a monthly membership you can store your mat gratis! The people are nice and the space is unique! Alicia gives a great beginners class on Saturday mornings! I enjoy variety and find each teacher a bit different yet all strong in their instruction skills and connection to students in the room. Good luck on your search!

I highly recommend Yoga District.  They have studios in Dupont, 14th and U Streets, Bloomingdale, and H Street NE.  I started practicing there with their beginners classes 3 years ago and haven’t stopped since!

Ditto on quiet mind (full disclosure: I’m an instructor there). Communit classes and new student deal are a good way to check the place/instructors out. Quite a variety of styles of yoga and styles of instruction. And an intro to yoga workshop is being offered 3/25. Also agree that Unity Woods is a great place for beginners if you can get to Woodley Park and can commit to going the same time every week.

I also love Quiet Mind. It’s a very friendly studio, with a variety of class styles and instructors. Bonnie Foote teaches a wonderful beginner’s class on Thursday evenings, with an emphasis on thoughtful movement, precise alignment, and modifications fo different bodies and skill levels, although she’s out of town for the next two weeks. Leslie and Amy Dara also teach terrific beginner and open-level classes. My practice has really blossomed since I started coming here regularly, and it’s a lovely community.

Yoga District hands down. They are AWESOME. You can get a 3 class pass for $10 for a trial. Drop-ins after that cost $10, but a monthly unlimited membership is $77 (the cheapest I have ever found for a yoga studio). They also offer some donation-based classes and allow folks to volunteer in exchange for yoga classes. They truly want to make yoga more accessible, which I think is really cool. Plus, their teachers are awesome and the class selection is great.

Also, Yoga District rents mats for $1.

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